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The grapes here are fleshy, the soils outstanding and the quality of the wines nothing short of fantastic.
Here in these sun-drenched lands, the domaine has a village fete feel about it with tables overflowing with good food and wine, almost Romanesque in its generosity. A place where firm friendships are made over a glass of wine.

Festive wines

The Camargue region certainly knows how to party.

This cultural influence is deeply engrained in the Castan family.
They love anything that smells and tastes of the South of France, anything that reminds them of their roots.
Yet when it comes to producing wine, they’ve migrated to another region: the Costières de Nîmes. This land of smooth round pebbles lies in the most southern part of the Rhône Valley.

« The pleasure of a wine really is in the sharing of it. It has its own language and codes, its own way of saying: « I like you, you know ».

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